BMX Frames

BMX frames on the higher end of the market are typically constructed with 4130 Chromoly steel, either ‘Chromoly’ (a combination of chrome and molybdenum) or ‘chromo’ (a pure chrome product) and are then topped with high-quality paint or powder coating to give them a sleek, modern look. However, there are still many people who enjoy BMX as a pastime and do not use their bikes for competitive purposes, and in these situations, the right BMX frame material can be selected to give the rider the best possible performance possible.


When we talk about ‘chromo’, we are referring to a mixture of chrome and molybdenum. This blend has proven to be especially resistant to damage caused by salt spray, which is a major cause of corrosion on road surfaces. BMX frames of this type are typically made from a combination of chromium and molybdenum, which makes them extremely lightweight and strong.

‘Cro-mo’ frames are constructed using a chrome, nickel and copper, although they are usually covered in a special type of powder coat. ‘Cro-mo’ frames have a plush, modern feel and are incredibly durable, and are ideal for any sport – including BMX. However, if you plan on using your bike for competitive purposes, it is advisable to choose ‘chromo’ frames for your BMX bike because they are stronger than those produced for competitive use.

Frame Types

‘Chino’ frames are manufactured using the same chromium-copper-zinc combination as ‘Cro-mo’ frames, but they also feature some additional features that are useful for professional riders. For example, they feature an ultra-lightweight aluminium alloy frame and an extremely stiff carbon fibre top tube. Besides, ‘Chino’ frames are lighter, stronger and more rigid than ‘Chromo’, and therefore provide riders with a comfortable ride. They are available in both hard and soft chrome, which makes them suitable for both off-road and street use.

‘Aero’ frames are constructed using carbon fibre, which gives them a lightweight feel and provides better stiffness than traditional chrome-molybdenum combinations. Although they are heavier than standard frames, they are still very strong and reliable. If you are considering using your bike for off-road use, then ‘Aero’ frames are probably the best choice, particularly if you plan to ride on rough terrain. because they offer extra support and stiffness and rigidity.

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‘Hardtail’ frames are designed to give your rider more flexibility and control on the track, as well as providing a more stable ride. These frames feature a lower, flatter top tube and a shorter top tube than traditional BMX frames, which reduce the amount of stress placed on the lower back and abdomen. The wheels of a BMX bike can now be up to six inches wider than those used in normal mountain bikes, so you have more grip when riding off-road, and this allows you to gain more speed.

Unique Designs

Some BMX bicycles also feature ‘Picnic Bikes’, which features a unique frame design in the shape of a Picnic Basket. These are great for kids who love to play on and off-road. If you have more than one child who wants to ride a BMX bike at the same time, it is advisable to consider ‘Picnic Bikes’ because the seats are designed to be a snug fit, and have been specially made to accommodate two children sitting side by side on the bike at once.

As you can see, there are many options available when it comes to choosing the correct BMX frame material for you. However, you mustn’t choose a frame based on the price alone; because when it comes to the durability, strength and stability of a bike, it’s much more important to buy a bike that is going to last than it is to buy a cheap bike.